Exceptional Porsche 356 collection at fourth edition of InterClassics Brussels

Porsche has been synonymous with the ultimate sports cars for 70 years now. The ‘70 years Porsche 356’ anniversary will be a central theme at the fourth edition of InterClassics Brussels, and in cooperation with the Porsche Classic Club Belgium and Porsche Center Brussels, an exceptional collection of Porsche 356 models will be on display at Brussels Expo from 16 through 18 November 2018.

Porsche 356 ‘Gmünd’ Coupé (1949 model)
One of the cars from the exceptional Porsche 356 collection which will be on display at Brussels Expo from 16 through 18 November is the Porsche 356 ‘Gmünd’ Coupé. This car was the first of 15 Gmünd Coupés to be sold to Sweden, delivered to Scania Vabis Södertalje. This transaction represented the first significant export sale for Porsche. On 15 June 1950, the famous Swedish rally driver Cecilia Koskull drove this Porsche to win the Midnattssolsrallyt, the first international victory for Porsche. After a 34-year stay at a farm in Sweden, the car eventually ended up in the United States where it underwent a comprehensive restoration by the Florida company Made by Hand, Inc. in 1998. The car is currently the property of a private Belgian collector. Maximum speed: 140 km/hour.

Porsche 356 SL (1951 model)
Between 1948 and 1950, Porsche built 44 type 356/2 coupés in Gmünd, Austria. The aluminium body, outstanding aerodynamic efficiency and torsion rigidity made these light metal coupés perfect for racing. The 356/2 coupés weigh round 120 kilos less than the 356 built by Reutter in Stuttgart starting in April 1950. These were the first German sports cars to bear the initials ‘SL’, short for ‘Super Light’ and derived from the Italian ‘Super Leggera’. Equipped with a large, 78-litre fuel tank, hubcaps and special transmission ratio, Porsche started in the 24-hour Le Mans race for the first time in 1951. The 356 SL promptly won in the 1100 cc class and repeated this success in 1952. In September 1951 at the Montlhéry circuit near Paris, a 356 SL with a 1500 cc engine achieved a world-record-breaking drive of nearly 11,000 kilometres in 72 hours. Internationally, the 356 SL proved to be competitive right up until 1955. The car is owned by the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. Max. Speed 160 km/u. The car is the property of the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart and may be admired during the exhibition. Maximum speed: 160 km/hour.

A total of ten unique cars will be presented at the ’70 years Porsche 356’ theme square in Hall 6, in cooperation with the Porsche Classic Club Belgium, Porsche Centre Brussels, State of Art and Porsche Centrum Gelderland.

Expo 58/Cars of ’58
In addition to the ’70 years Porsche 356’ theme, there will also be plenty of focus on the exhibition’s main theme, ‘60 Years World Expo/Cars of 58’. Sixty years ago, the World Expo was held at the Heyzel grounds in Brussels under the name ‘Expo 58’. It is without a doubt one of the most important events in Belgium’s post-war history. Opened by King Boudewijn, the Expo drew 42 million visitors. The most important and iconic element of Expo 58 is undoubtedly the Atomium; nine gigantic spheres that together depict an iron crystal structure, magnified 165 billion times. 60 years later, we will look back during InterClassics Brussels at the Expo 58 and will be celebrating this auspicious anniversary with a special exposition featuring a unique collection of 20 cars from the year 1958 in cooperation with the Belgian Vintage Vehicles Association (BFOV). This collection includes a Peugeot 203, an Opel Olympia Rekord P, a Lancia Aurelia Convertible, a Jaguar Mark VIII (MK8) and a Renault Alpine A106, all of which were naturally built in 1958.

InterClassics Brussels will be held from Friday, 16 through Sunday, 18 November 2018 at Halls 5, 6, 7 and 9 of the Brussels Expo. The classic car exhibition traditionally attracts many buyers and enthusiasts. Admission tickets are available for purchase online at a discount: Online price for adults: €12.50 (normal price at the door for adults: €15.00) Children 12 and under: free of charge. For further information on the exhibition, please visit www.interclassics.be.

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