The very first and very last Bentley designed by Walter Owen at fifth edition of InterClassics Brussels

During InterClassics Brussels, Belgium’s premiere classic-car exhibition held from 15 through 17 November at the Brussels Expo, the 100th anniversary of Bentley will be in the spotlight as one of two exhibition themes. In 1919, Walter Owen Bentley started a company with one simple mission: To build a fast car, a good car, the best in its class. This guiding principle has since become the engine driving Bentley. In cooperation with Bentley Belgium and Bentley Heritage UK, an exceptional collection of prized specimens from the 100-year history of the brand will be on display. This collection also features the very first car designed by Walter Owen Bentley himself, the Bentley 3-litre Harrison 2-seater, but also the very last Bentley he designed, the Bentley 8-litre.

Bentley 3-litre Harrison 2-seater (1921 model)
This sports car was the first Bentley ever produced. Over the last two years, the car has been fully restored and still has its original body, gearbox, and engine with the original engine number. All of the spare parts are original with the exception of the front axle which had been replaced. This is undoubtedly one of the world’s most historically significant Bentleys and a direct link to the very start of the brand, one century ago. This car won a well-deserved second place in Pebble Beach this past summer. The car is being made available by a Dutch collector.

Bentley 8-litre (1930 model)
The 8-litre was the largest and most luxurious Bentley in its day with the most powerful engine available in Great Britain. With a maximum power of 200 to 230 hp, there was only one other car that reached higher speeds than the 8-litre in 1939. Walter Owen Bentley had the following to say about the 8-litre. ‘I have always wanted to produce a dead silent 100 mph car, and now I think that we have done it.’ This was also the last car that Walter Owen Bentley designed himself. This car is the second 8-litre the company made and became W.O.’s personal mode of transport. He drove thousands of kilometres in this car in Great Britain and Europe. W.O.’s 8-litre has since become a symbolic ‘company car’ for every successive CEO of the company, preserving a tradition that dates back to the company founder.

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