The InterClassics Art Area is a place where various artists, galleries and art dealers can display a varied offering of their finest works — all classic car related, of course. If you are interested in taking part in this “Art Area”, please contact the project team.

Participants during InterClassics Brussels 2021:

Naam Standnummer
3GJB17 6.210
Arca Printers & Supplies 6.212
Art Gallery Shevchuk 6.409B
Benoît Deliège Editions 6.209A
Fab-Creation 6.412
Joram Raaijmaakers Classic Car Art 6.212
Klaus Wagger 6.128
Knaepkens Ludo 6.409C
Midual Motorcycles 6.412aa
Mongrip 6.213a
Poncelet 6.211
Retro-Perspektive 6.310
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